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MedVet Concept

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My Role

Product Designer


The customers have a lot of activities all day long and don’t have too much time to make an appointment for their pets. Thereby an app can solve this problem in a fast desirable way.


Design an app able to make appointments in a fast and safe way to the user and vet doctor.

Method Used

Design Thinking was chosen because it was necessary to deep-dive into the customer's thoughts and needs. Research and interviews were put inside the steps to be strategically applied to get more information as possible.
MedVet - Method-01-01.png


For a better understanding, a survey was made and answering by 10 people, all of them owners of a pet. Because of the small number of days (1,5 days) the achieving was little, but the appoints had been repetitive in some cases and the results were so important to guide the rest of the project.
MedVet - Survey-01.png

User Stories

Many users spoke about divergent and convergent topics, the most common are here on the left. With these frustrations and suggestions, it was perceptible they are looking for trust and transparency.
MedVet - User stories-01.png

Proto Persona

The translation of data and comments based all through the research came into a creation of a proto persona, here was possible to understand that the profile of the target public in the middle of a lot of dog owners.
MedVet - Persona-01-01.png

Customer Journey Map

This is a complex, but truly necessary part of a project, it makes a huge difference. I did it a little different from the usual, instead of having thoughts of the costumer I put faces with reactions that were analyzed during the latest applied tests. The journey consisted of steps set out by the purpose scenario (that was the same applied in the test). The expectations were achieved but were noticed a contrary action from majority costumers in “First Contact”, which showed up changes to be done. The dots and notes are insights.


Like a new thing in the market, an activation/education is required so an onboarding process fits well on it. Some questions rolled over my mind if a vector or picture would fit better and what kind of information would be relevant. For that sort of doubt, I put on a paper and study what kinds match more with the persona and customer journey map.
MedVet - Onboarding-01.png

User Flow

A fluid guide helped me to better draw the posterior maps with this process I could know better what will need to the customer navigates till her/him main purpose. Furthermore, I also could visualize the paths that were necessary to create.
MedVet - User flow-01.png

Style Guide

MedVet - Style Guide-01-01.png

LO-FI Mockups

Analyzing the user flow and persona and customer journey map gave me ideas to create wireframes. Because of the time, I couldn’t do it on a paper first, nevertheless, I put “red dots” on things that I thought it might get better to reanalyze after.
MedVet - Wireframes-01.png

HI-FI Mockups

If you want to try yourself click here.

Usability Test

3 tests were applied in person using think out loud tool and observation by the
customer’s side. Everything occurred fine in general, except one step and
another. The task given was: make an appointment with a dermatologist.
MedVet - Validation-01.png


This project has a considerable public that has a rush life and a short time to
spend with daily boring procedures. Focusing on that, this app showed up a
way for that, but it needs to be improving in some aspects as mentioned on
tests, constantly, to maintain and engaging the pet owners' community and
make health pet care better and efficient.
MedVet - Mockups-01-01.png

Thank you :D

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